About Vacedo Home Management

As frequent travelers and devoted hosts, we understand the challenges that come with managing a vacation rental first-hand. Nowadays, guests expect hotel quality amenities, extraordinary personal service and on-call services when booking a vacation rental – something that can be hard to keep up with when hosting multiple guests each week.

Guests who book their accommodation through Airbnb, Flipkey, Wimdu, Booking.com and other vacation rental platforms pay well, and obviously would like to see their money’s worth. Which means that renting out your home is incredibly appealing, but also entails a lot of time and effort.

The idea of a Property Management project resulted from the increasing expression of our satisfied, foreign and Greek clients need to have a trustworthy partner – professional who will be able to take care of the financial exploitation of their vacation homes.

Permanent residence in another city or country, poor knowledge of modern techno-logic and media, lack of experience and most important time, describe a few of the reasons why our clients to seek the professional help of our company.

Vacedo Home Management helps you with all the hassle of managing your property on vacation rental platforms and gets paid only after you make money.From marketing to bookings and guest services, we take care of your short term rentals.

For every type of host and tailored to your needs, we at Vacedo Home Management do what it takes for you to make the most of your home.